New Partnership with Seattle Central College Increases Access to Education

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Seattle Central College, an established Seattle institute focusing on student diversity, quality education, and community partnerships.

Partnership with Seattle Central College

Our goal is always to provide top-tier education that prepares students for a career in the tech industry. We were honored when Seattle Central College approached us about a potential partnership to extend their Continuing Education program. We believe that our mutual focus on community, quality curriculum, and job-focused development training makes our curriculum a great addition to Seattle Central College’s continuing education program.

While the immersive, fast-paced education style of code schools is quite different from the established style of colleges and universities, both styles benefit from supporting one another—and more important, students benefit from receiving the best education possible.

Both Code Fellows and Seattle Central College are committed to helping students achieve their goals, which means actively creating a pathway and establishing partnerships that help make those goals a reality.

The Power of Partnership

Our first priority is helping communities change for the better. Since our inception, we have connected with organizations in all sectors to help individuals expand their career potential and bring valuable talent to transform their communities. We firmly believe that diverse teams create better companies and communities, and that this can be achieved through collaboration between educational institutes, government agencies, community influencers, nonprofits, and businesses.

Ultimately our focus is on our students, and how we can continue to best serve and guide them on their journey to a new, rewarding career. This starts with passionate and experienced software developers who teach the best curriculum, and continues by partnering with companies who also place a high value on diversity, quality, and community.

If you’d like to find out the ways your organization can get involved, get in touch!

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