11 Of Our Favorite Tech Podcasts For 2021

What is one thing that everyone in tech has in common? Lifelong learning. It is important to keep your finger on the pulse of what the pros are talking about. We need to always be pivoting, learning, and adapting. Thankfully there are brilliant people out there who are creating content that is innovative, informative but also funny, entertaining and inspiring.

Changing careers and moving into tech is mentally challenging and can get overwhelming when you start to learn more, then you realize just how MUCH there actually is to know. The tech industry is fast-paced, has endless opportunities, and is constantly changing through innovation and advancement. This is why we love it and also why—especially for beginners—it can feel totally intimidating. Keeping up with the changes in technology is a full-time gig. There is so much happening on so many fronts. Who has time to read all of that?

There are loads of great podcasts that you can choose from to help you gain your footing in the industry. Find one that suits your style and allows you to open your imagination and dream big to keep your goals in mind so you don’t get too discouraged by all that you don’t know yet.

From how to create your personal brand to learning about quantum supremacy or what’s new in gaming or how to get a raise, you can find it in a podcast. We asked our staff what podcasts they enjoy following in order to stay on the leading edge of their profession. Here is our curated list, in no particular order. So throw on some headphones, take a walk around the neighborhood, and upgrade your perspective on the industry.

New to Tech

  • We Belong—episode notes included

    Sharing stories about the different paths people have taken to enter the tech industry and chatting about the skills they learned in their prior jobs, schooling or life experience & how they apply them to their current roles in tech.

    I particularly enjoyed seeing the interview from a violinist, providing a great illustration of how varying the paths can be and how you can bring all of your experiences with you into the world of technology. This podcast is light and honest, pointing out the bumps in the road—but also the joy of learning some of the nuances in tech.

  • Note to Self—optional newsletter

    Is your phone watching you? Can “wexting” (walking and texting) make you smarter? Are your kids real? These and other essential quandaries facing anyone trying to preserve their humanity in the digital age. Join host Manoush Zomorodi for your weekly reminder to question everything.

  • Soft Skills Engineering—written Q&A

    It takes more than tech skills to be a great engineer. Weekly advice on topics like pay raises, hiring & firing, technical leadership, quitting your job, getting promoted, and much more.

  • Command Line Heroes—transcripts included

    A podcast telling the stories of the diverse, individual people who transform technology, from the command line up. Cool people. Cool artwork! Learn the history of the actual people who shaped the industry to be what it is today.

    As they say: "Command Line Heroes tells the epic true tales of how developers, programmers, hackers, geeks, and open source rebels are revolutionizing the technology landscape."

Software Development Topics

  • Code Newbie—transcripts available

    Topical coding conversations with people on their coding journey. Beginner-friendly!

    "When I first started a career in the tech industry by becoming a student at Code Fellows a few years ago, I didn’t even get the jokes most of the time and that was so irritating. I realized that I needed to subsidize my education with a more outside perspective. I needed a deeper understanding of the industry and a space to daydream about what I could even accomplish with the skills I was learning. I did a search for podcasts for software developers that I could listen to on my commute. There weren’t many at the time, and most were way over my head. But I found Code Newbie and heard Saron Yitbarek describing Imposter Syndrome. I’d never even heard that term before. She described what I was feeling and it felt utterly inclusive to know that there were other people out there trying to figure it out too."
    —Rachel Burke, Code Fellows grad, former Lead Instructor and Campus Director.

    Get started with our recommended episode: How to not let Imposter Syndrome hold you back

  • Syntax.fm—show notes available

    Full Stack Developers Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski dive deep into web development topics, explaining how they work and talking about their own experiences.

    "In addition to their regular hour-long shows, they’ve also published over 300 “Hasty Treats” which are 15-minute overviews and introductions into the newest of the new. One of the more engaging podcasts you’ll find, they deliver the goods and bring just enough snark and humor into the mix to keep you tuning in week over week."
    —John Cokos, Code Fellows JavaScript and ASP.NET Lead Instructor

  • This Developer’s Life—transcript available

    Stories about developers and their lives with an obvious “this American Life vibe”. From faith to Mars to dealing with criticism at work. Each episode illustrates connections between what we believe and what we dream about. Expand your perspective beyond just the code!

  • Podcast|Dev Community

    This site links to a variety of podcast episodes that have caught the interest of the developer community. See what is trending now in the ears of software developers.

    "Gives some insight into what developers throughout the community are listening to and exploring and learning. Most of the episodes in the list highlight what devs are wanting to talk about at the current moment. Lots of variety!"
    —Nicholas Carignan, Code Fellows Lead Instructor

Cybersecurity Topics

  • Darknet Diaries—transcript available

    True stories from the dark side of the internet. A podcast about hackers, breaches, Advanced Persistent Threats, hacktivism, cybercrime, and all the things that dwell on the hidden parts of the network. (A staff favorite.)

    "It’s like listening to a murder mystery. Gives great insights into both sides of how hacking works. They speak in a way anyone can understand, without really technical jargon. It’s eye-opening in terms of what technology is capable of!"
    —Lena Eivy, Code Fellows Lead Instructor

  • Security Nowtranscripts on grc.com

    Get perspective on the latest news in computer security from long-time software developer and security researcher Steve Gibson (who coined the term “spyware”). This is one of the longest-running tech podcasts around, so you can start with any episode from the back-catalog, and follow forward to hear how the industry adapts to the constantly-changing landscape of security and privacy.

    "Such a great wealth of topics are covered here, I feel like I’ve nearly learned enough to pass a security certification exam!"
    —Brook Riggio, Code Fellows Vice President of Education

  • ShadowTalk Threat Intelligence by Digital Shadows

    Digital Shadows' ShadowTalk discusses the latest threat intelligence and cybersecurity news with our panel of threat intelligence experts, security engineers, security researchers, and more.

    "ShadowTalk provides coverage of threat intelligence news from very well-informed individuals. The format is quite relaxed making this a useful and generally enjoyable listen. Topics generally revolve around emergent threats, which is good subject matter to stay plugged into if you’re a current or aspiring security practitioner."
    —David Lee, Code Fellows Cyber Security Lead Instructor

These are just a few of our favorite podcasts, and while there are many more out there, each of the selected podcasts offer different ways to see the influence of technology on our world today and beyond. Have a favorite not on our list? Let us know why it’s tops for you, and we’ll incorporate it into our recommendations!

If you are someone who is new to tech, you’ll discover that finding a good podcast is like making a friend in the tech world. Listen along to get yourself trained up on the vocabulary, topics, and trends going on in the industry today.

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