Partnering for Progress: Code Fellows and The Alliance Empower Underserved Communities through Tech Education

In an exciting new collaboration, the Alliance for Economic Development of Oklahoma City and Code Fellows have partnered together to expand tech education and career opportunities for underserved communities in Oklahoma City. The partnership, which offers no-cost software and cybersecurity training, aims to bridge the gap and provide access to valuable education and job prospects in the fast-paced world of technology. Through this initiative, individuals from diverse backgrounds will have the chance to thrive and contribute to the thriving tech industry in Oklahoma City.

Empowering Education for Underserved Communities

The Alliance for Economic Development of Oklahoma City is taking a proactive step towards empowering individuals in underserved communities by providing financial support for software and cybersecurity training through Code Fellows. This leading tech education provider is renowned for its software and cybersecurity engineering programs, which offer a pathway to a promising career in the tech industry.

Applicants seeking to pursue training in Software Development or Cybersecurity Engineering can now apply at no cost through the Code Fellows website. The courses, conducted online with live instruction, span from one-day workshops to year long programs. To qualify, applicants must have been residing in Oklahoma City since March 3, 2021, and meet specific criteria related to income, employment status, federal benefits, or living in a Qualified Census Tract. Detailed guidelines can be found on the Alliance's website.

Kenton Tsoodle, President of The Alliance for Economic Development, explains the motivation behind this initiative: "We identified workforce needs in several industries as being key to helping people in Oklahoma City gain in-demand career training to advance their career or find a new job opportunity. The investment in our workforce, and this partnership with Code Fellows, fosters a culture of learning and also helps to maintain and grow our small business economy, the backbone of Oklahoma City's economy."

Cutting-Edge Training for a Rapidly Changing Tech Landscape

Code Fellows stands out for its commitment to staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving tech industry. The program's curriculum is regularly updated to incorporate the latest coding fundamentals and advanced cybersecurity concepts. By offering cutting-edge instruction, Code Fellows ensures its students are well-equipped to excel in the rapidly changing landscape of technology.

We firmly believe that true transformation and empowerment come when organizations join forces with a common purpose. Partnering together with The Alliance allows us to extend our reach and impact, bringing education and skills training to underserved populations in Oklahoma City. We believe that everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances, deserves the opportunity to succeed and thrive.

About The Alliance for Economic Development of Oklahoma City

The Alliance for Economic Development of Oklahoma City is a vital economic development entity that coordinates land, incentives, and economic tools to foster prosperity in Oklahoma City. Working alongside public and private entities, The Alliance initiates or revitalizes development projects that contribute to the city's growth. Additionally, The Alliance has played a key role in coordinating COVID relief programs for small businesses, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, and career-focused individuals since 2020.

About Code Fellows

Code Fellows is a premier technical skills training academy that delivers high-quality live instruction both online and in-person, catering to learners from diverse backgrounds. With a strong commitment to vocational change and life transformation, Code Fellows offers training in software development, technical operations, cybersecurity, and other career-focused areas. Their immersive training approach meets industry demands and encourages diversity in the tech sector.


The partnership between the Alliance for Economic Development and Code Fellows is a powerful stride towards creating lasting change in Oklahoma City's tech industry. By providing no-cost software and cybersecurity training to underserved communities, this collaboration opens doors to education and career opportunities for those who have been historically underrepresented. As Code Fellows and The Alliance work together to empower individuals and break the cycle of poverty, the ripple effect of positive change is bound to be felt for generations to come. The tech industry in Oklahoma City will undoubtedly benefit from the diverse perspectives and talent that this initiative will bring to the forefront.

If you are a resident of Oklahoma City and interested in finding out if this program is right for you, submit your application today and someone from our admissions team will assist you with enrolling.

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