Python and JavaScript Boot Camps Graduate

Over 25 students graduated this past week from Python and JavaScript boot camps.

After hackathons, late-night homework sessions, two project weeks, and countless hours writing code, our Python and JavaScript boot camp students are ready to start their careers as professional software engineers.

Python Graduating Class

We’re super proud of our graduates. Here’s what a few students had to say about their time in boot camp.

It’s been an incredible group of people, for sure. I’ve made an incredible amount of friends and I’ve been introduced to more JavaScript tools than I would have ever learned on my own . . . It’s going to be weird not coming here every single day.
-Kalina Wu, JavaScript Boot Camp

I thought Cris was great. Moving from simple scripting to web development really felt like it was opening things up for me.
- Mark Charyk, Python Boot Camp

It was really great to be working with like-minded people who are also focused on becoming JavaScript developers.
- Matt Merkes, JavaScript Boot Camp

I learned so much in this 8 week course that I will spend another 8 weeks and more absorbing it.
- Dale Corns, JavaScript Boot Camp

I learned a ton because of the wealth of resources and knowledge I was surrounded with. I had a great time and very much enjoyed learning about exciting new technologies.
- Ian Johnson, JavaScript Boot Camp

Thanks for all your hard work during the past eight weeks!

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