Spring Dev Accelerators Kick Off Day

Three Development Accelerators launched at Code Fellows headquarters this morning, welcoming students into Full-Stack JavaScript, Front-End UX Design & Development, and Ruby on Rails programs.

As new students gather in the Easy classroom, they are welcomed by instructors, teaching assistants, and staff.

Development Accelerator Day 1

In the first hour, all the dev accelerators are together in one classroom for orientation. Instructors cover class structure, honor code, and expectations. They share lots of tips on how to be successful through the rest of the program and how students can maximize their experience, distill information, and catapult their skills in a fast-paced 8 weeks.

Development Accelerator Day 1

Learning begins on Day 1. After orientation, the group splits into specific Dev Accelerators, and instructors and TAs help students set up the programs and accounts they’ll need over the next 2 months and beyond.

Full-Stack JavaScript Development Accelerator Day 1

Ivan Storck introduces new students to the class structure and honor code, then helps his students in the Full-Stack JavaScript Development Accelerator get set up with the programs they’ll need throughout the next 8 weeks and beyond.

Front-End UX Design & Development Accelerator Day 1

Dale Sande, our Front-End UX instructor, meets his students and asks a series of questions to understand their background, preferred tools, and what they want to do after the program.

Ruby on Rails Dev Accelerator Day 1

Brook Riggio, the instructor for our Ruby on Rails Development Accelerator, introduces all new students to the structure of Dev Accelerators and then helps his students set up their computers for success learning Ruby on Rails.

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