10 Resources and Tools to Dive Deeper Into Programming

Looking for more advanced coding challenges and resources? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite online tools and resources for developers who need extra challenge as they level up their skills.

Try these tools and resources to test your knowledge, learn from the community, and dig deeper into web development.



JSFiddle is a great tool as you start bringing your training in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript together. The layout is easy to use, and you can see in real time what your website or web app will look like as you build it.

Python Tutor


This tool demonstrates to users what happens when a computer executes source code delivered by a programmer. It’s a great way to understand what exactly your code is doing, and works with Python, Java, JavaScript, and TypeScript code.

JS Bin


Similar to JSFiddle mentioned above, JS Bin helps you bring your code together into one cohesive output. In addition to CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, JS Bin also has the option to include code written in Markdown, Sass, Coffeescript, and more.



Coderbyte provides a way for novice and hobbyist programmers to practice what they have been learning. Code challenges range from easy to difficult, so you can test and stretch what you know. You can learn how to complete a code challenge, where you are in your skill level, and the areas and topics where you need more practice or training.

Stack Overflow


What list of resources would be complete without Stack Overflow? If you have a specific how-to or code question, it has probably been asked and answered on Stack Overflow. If not, the community is really helpful and will answer new questions quickly. You can learn the answer to any issues you run into with your code.

Mozilla Developer Network


MDN is a collection of articles explaining different technologies surrounding web development. While it can be a lot of reading, it is a great source for developers who are ready to learn more than just language syntax. You can learn all about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Web APIs, the DOM, and development tools.



A great source for a wide range of topics and languages, Pluralsight uses training videos to teach Python, JavaScript, Swift, C#, C++, and much more.

Try Git


Learning how to create web or mobile apps is more than just memorizing language syntax. Git is a popular version control system that development teams around the world use to collaborate on projects. Learn how to navigate and control your project with this tutorial from Code School.

New Coder


For Python students who have completed the tutorials that teach only syntax, New Coder is a great way to digest how the technology works. The tutorials go well beyond the basics, but allow you to learn at your own pace.

Intermediate Python Workshop/Projects


A great followup to New Coder, these workshops give intermediate Python programmers several problems to solve and projects to build from scratch. They guide you through breaking down the problem into actionable steps and show you how to check your code along the way.

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