Which class is right for you? This question and more answered during online Q&A

Want to know more about our school, but live outside of Seattle? Viewers from around the world are invited to tune in and ask questions during our monthly online Q&As. This month, participants asked a range of questions, from housing and computer logistics to course content and homework load. Watch the full video below, and join us on Google+ for our next online Q&A.

If you would like to join the next online Q&A, mark your Google calendar for Dec. 9.

This Q&A answers:

8:22 – For the students who don’t live in Seattle, do you offer housing or some kind of dorm? If not, are there any housing options you would recommend?

11:17 – Are your Bootcamps or Foundation I courses suitable for people with no prior programming experience?

13:54 – There are many version of Foundations II; do people take one, several, or all of these?

18:55 – Are you going to offer any Bootcamps that will feature Python (other than the Development Accelerator and the Foundations II course)?

20:19 – When your students apply, is it more like an invitation only? What are the procedures of enrolling and what are the wait times like?

23:13 – How much time outside of class needs to be spent on “homework” for the evening Foundations class? Also, can you explain more about the Foundations I evening class vs. the Foundations Bootcamp?

30:21 – Is the necessary pre-work about the same for the Bootcamp vs. the Foundations class?

31:50 – Can you ballpark when the next Bootcamp will be?

32:44 – Who will be the instructor for Foundations II: JavaScript?

34:17 – For the Bootcamp, obviously attendance is important because of the immersion. If we had to miss 1-2 days in the month, would you recommend enrolling in a different month?

36:32 – When applying, there are deadlines for submitting a payment. Is that only if the application is approved? How often generally do you turn people somewhere else before reapplying? What are the general reasons?

39:16 – For someone with no experience at all , and a full-time job, would you recommend enrolling in Foundation I and then Bootcamp instead of Foundation II?

40:55 – Can you clarify how early is early to apply (i.e. 6 months, 3 months, etc.)?

43:35 – If I enroll in the Bootcamp and would like to learn more, is it possible to get into a Development Accelerator within a month or less?

46:07 – Do you have any financial aid, or reference to an appropriate source to help to pay the tuition cost?

48:40 – I have worked on C++ & Java. Will I be able to follow in Foundations II: JavaScript?

49:46 – If someone doesn’t have free time for a Bootcamp, you have Foundation I and II, which is great! What if somebody can’t leave their job for eight weeks to complete Development Accelerator course? Is there an option to split that the way you split the bootcamp?

51:28 – If I end up doing the Bootcamp, will the concepts generally transfer to the Python environment (i.e. object oriented programming)?

54:47 – I am currently taking the University of Washington’s HTML5, CSS3, and Responsive Design for Web Development Certificate program. Would that be a good preparation for the Front-End UX Design & Development Accelerator?

55:06 – Is a laptop is required or do you have computers in the classroom?

57: 57 – How large are the Foundations I classes? Also, is there a co-working space nearby? Or could a Foundations I student use the WiFi during the day?

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