Women Hold the Majority in Recent Code 201 Course

We wanted to share a huge win in our mission to encourage more women in tech! In August, our Code 201 cohort finished strong with impressive projects and an even more impressive male-to-female ratio.

The class, which was over 50 percent female, marked our eleventh Code 201 course since our new program launched last year, and the first with a female majority.

With the help of our Diversity Scholarship Fund—launched in 2015 and supported by generous donations from tech companies in the area—more women are considering and pursuing careers in tech. Over $600k in scholarships towards our program have been awarded to women, veterans, and populations underrepresented in tech.

“Code Fellows understands that diversity is the birthplace of innovation and that is why we encourage women to pursue a career tech. We are proudly making an impact in the market, and hope that more women in our classes and consequently in the tech workforce will encourage more women to consider software development as a career,” said Seattle Campus Director Brandy Rhodes.

In Code 201, students with little to no previous coding experience are taught the foundations of programming. They learn the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in an immersive, intense three-week schedule, then push their new skills to the limit in a week-long development sprint to create a fully functional web app.

The diversity of backgrounds was evident in the projects created, from an online Hangman game to an app that helps parents test their children for autism.

“The class was a great dynamic of men and women,” said instructor Sam Hamm. “It was so inspiring to see how everyone brought their different expertise and perspective to the projects.”

We’ve seen the percentage of women in our classes climb since we launched in 2013, and this was a major milestone definitely worth celebrating!

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