Women-Only Ruby on Rails Development Accelerator

We’re offering a development accelerator exclusively for women who want to advance their careers as Ruby on Rails web developers.

This blog post is over six months old and may include information about our program that is out of date. Please check other pages on our website to confirm information, or email us with any questions.

According to the latest figures from the U.S. Department of Labor, women only comprise 34% of web developers and only 20% of all types of software developers. Our female-only course, which will have the same rigorous curriculum as our other Rails Development Accelerators, is intended to address this widening gender gap in the software programming industry.

“Women are still greatly outnumbered by their male counterparts in the programming industry. While it was once a female-dominated industry, the pendulum has swung back hard in the other direction. We’re simply looking to make the opportunity in today’s tech environment more equitable for smart women with superior programming skills.” —Kristin Smith, CEO

The 8-week development accelerator starts on July 7th. It’s designed for experienced developers looking to dive significantly deeper into Ruby on Rails development.

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Diana Pham, Co-Founder of Seattle-based DinoHulk, which specializes in developing educational story-based apps for kids, is one of 19 women who graduated from our July 2013 women-only development program.

“After being accepted into the program, the fact that I was able to keep up with everyone in class—even though I was working nights and weekends—made me feel invincible. Code Fellows helped me realize that I had the skills to compete, and that I was in control of my life. It was my springboard for launching DinoHulk.” —Diana Pham, DinoHulk

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