What is the difference between each course?

What is the night course schedule like, and how does it line up with the daytime schedule?

Do you offer any online classes?

What does an average day look like?

Career Development

What sort of jobs do graduates get?

Can you become career-ready this quickly?

Are the student success stats for real?


What is the application process?

How do I apply?

I have zero experience and am a little intimidated. Are your classes truly beginner-friendly?

I took a class at Code Fellows prior to Oct. 2015. Where do I start with the classes now?

I applied! Now what?

How do I reserve my seat for a course?

Scholarships & Financing

Do you offer any scholarships?

Do you offer student loans?

Do you accept the GI Bill®?

Do you offer early-bird pricing?

International Students

Do you accept international students?

Are there housing arrangements for students who are traveling from abroad?

Additional questions

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