Career Transition Services

The job market is bright for software developers and cybersecurity professionals. Demand for these fields is expected to grow by 22% and 31% respectively from 2019 to 2029, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. To land a job in either field, you don’t need a college degree—you need hands-on professional skills.

But making a career change, building a network, perfecting a resume, and navigating the job search can be daunting, even for the most capable person.

We create industry professionals who are leaders in the market.

In tandem with our technical education, we train our students in effective career-building strategies so they can confidently start their job search as soon as (or even before!) they graduate.

In Class: Career Coaching

From 201 through 401, students get over 40 hours of instruction and assignments to help them build their personal brand, network, and professional skills. This training helps them become strong team members in the companies they join and sets them up to become strong leaders in the tech industry.

Our Career Coaching curriculum has seven pillars:

  • Professional etiquette
  • Professional pitch
  • Creating a network
  • Job search readiness
  • Targeted job search
  • Professional materials
  • Behavioral and technical interview questions

Throughout the entire program, students study each pillar, with assignments ranging from perfecting their professional pitch, to mastering the interview process with mock interviews, to creating a compelling resume.

The Qualifying Interview

Interviews can be intimidating, especially for career changers who aren't used to the tech industry's approach to assessing talent. To qualify for the Career Accelerator Program, get some extra interview practice, and ensure they're ready to start their job search, all 401 graduates complete a Qualifying Interview.

The Qualifying Interview mirrors a professional interview setting, and helps our graduates know how to exceed the expectations of potential employers. Just like in the career coaching sessions, we offer plenty of guidance and support to help participants feel fully prepared. Before their interview, we provide a guide for professional etiquette and competency that covers everything from submitting quality application material, to preparing for the interview, to properly closing the interview.

If they don't pass their interview on the first try, graduates are invited to reschedule their interview and try again. Regardless of whether they pass or fail, all participants receive feedback on where and how they can improve their interviewing skills. This service is made available on an ongoing basis, so that graduates can continue to hone their personal pitch and behavioral interview stories, and ensure they are fully prepared for the real-world interview process.

After Graduation: Career Accelerator

Through the Career Accelerator program, our alumni get the chance to meet and network with employers after they graduate from their 401 course.

The Career Accelerator has three pillars:

  • Prepare
  • Connect
  • Apply


To help students prepare for their job search, we offer individualized career mentoring, professional portfolio reviews, and mock interviews with hiring companies.


We provide opportunities for our graduates to connect with hiring companies through our Industry Network Slack Workspace, Partner Power Hours with guest speakers from tech companies, and networking events hosted by partner companies.


When graduates are ready to apply, they can create a profile on our Talent Portal, get customized job alerts for open positions, and apply to intern with partner organizations.

Ready to get hands-on help as you enter the tech industry?

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