Meet the Team

  • Jeff Malek

    Jeff Malek

    CEO & President

    At Code Fellows, I: do everything I can to help our amazing instruction and support team deliver the highest quality training on the market, toward our mission to help people change their lives.

    Students can talk to me about: why we'd like you to stay involved with Code Fellows after you've started your new dream job in tech.

  • Heather Cherewaty

    Heather Cherewaty

    Senior Technology Platform Manager

    At Code Fellows, I: have the honor of managing our technology platform; making technology-related skills more accessible for more people.

    Students can talk to me about: Entrepreneurship, DOGS (my dog, your dog, someone else's dog), life and the nature of reality, and all things tech and sci-fi related.

  • Mitchell Robertson

    Mitchell Robertson

    SVP of Business Development

    At Code Fellows, I: get the privilege of leading some of the best and brightest individuals who are tasked with growing our customer and partner experience to train up the next generation of entrepreneurs, innovators, software engineers, and leaders who will shape our future.

    Students can talk to me about: denim, whiskey, wine, and food.

  • Teri Hockett

    Teri Hockett

    Business Development Manager

    At Code Fellows, I: I develop relationships with people around the globe that are interested in licensing our world-class curriculum. These partnerships are designed to enable other coding schools, vocational schools, community colleges, and universities to serve the needs of their students through short term, stackable credentials that result in living wages with long-term job security.

    Students can talk to me about: what makes Bend, Oregon a magical place to visit or live.

  • Sian Culligan

    Sian Culligan

    Manager of Culture and Community

    At Code Fellows, I: I am generally your first point of contact for all things related to events, social media and facilities.

    Students can talk to me about: who in Seattle serves up the best tacos, my Mario-themed backyard, my four awesome dogs, and anything and everything D.I.Y!

  • Sheila Voon

    Sheila Voon

    Accounting Manager

    At Code Fellows, I: help keep finance running smoothly.

    Students can talk to me about: food, travels, or adventures. Also, I'm happy to answer any finance related questions.

  • Luis Mata

    Luis Mata

    VP of Finance

    At Code Fellows, I: Lead our Finance, Banking, Insurance and Regulatory functions, with my amazing team members.

    Students can talk to me about: Finance, payments regarding Code Fellows, and non-shop things too like great camping near Leavenworth, whitewater rafting the Ghaghra river, stock market, 90's rap artists and the best places to eat when you visit Mexico.

  • Teri Pfeffer

    Teri Pfeffer

    Military Program Manager

    At Code Fellows, I: work with Military Veterans and Spouses to get them access to the best software development training in the Pacific Northwest.

    Students can talk to me about: advancing opportunities for military spouses and women in tech, finding new and interesting tech career fields, and my passion for sports—especially hockey, Sounders FC, and cycling.

  • JB Tellez

    JB Tellez

    Lead Instructor

    At Code Fellows, I: journey with students into full-stack software development.

    Students can talk to me about: what makes code elegant. How Promises are like ordering a burger and fries.

  • Jubilee Whaley

    Jubilee Whaley

    Admissions Coordinator

    At Code Fellows, I: assist prospective students with the application and enrollment process!

    Students can talk to me about: anything pertaining to admissions for our courses, upcoming workshops, or cool karaoke spots!

  • Brook Riggio

    Brook Riggio

    VP of Education

    At Code Fellows, I: support the instructor team in creating an outstanding learning environment.

    Students can talk to me about: why I think diversifying the tech industry matters; freelance consulting; working as a parent of young children; Ruby on Rails; magic tricks that can be performed anywhere; that time I flew in a Pakistani army chopper.

  • John Cokos

    John Cokos

    Lead Instructor

    At Code Fellows, I: help students learn how to succeed in the industry. I focus on code skills, scalable thought, fearlessness, usability/UX and tech psychology.

    Students can talk to me about: interviewing, baseball, politics, raising kids and the benefits of loud, fast music.

  • Erica McArthur

    Erica McArthur

    Admissions Sales Manager

    At Code Fellows, I: help students with anything and everything! Let’s chat.

    Students can talk to me about: If coding is right for them and where coding can take you - I used to be a Tech Recruiter! Or we could just talk about dogs and national parks.

  • Phil Werner

    Phil Werner

    Principal Teaching Assistant

    At Code Fellows, I: I make sure that students have the best possible Teaching Assistants available to them to help make their time at Code Fellows a successful and rewarding experience.

    Students can talk to me about: What it is like being a student or Teaching Assistant at Code Fellows. You can also talk to me about baseball, beer, music and soccer.

  • Dr. Robin Apparicio

    Dr. Robin Apparicio

    Campus Director

    At Code Fellows, I: I help students navigate through their courses, as we focus on developing the skills to be amazing professionals. Once they become alumni I get the great pleasure of helping them find rewarding careers through our Career Accelerator Program (CAP).

    Students can talk to me about: Absolutely anything including yoga, books and telling jokes!

  • Jacob Knaack

    Jacob Knaack


    At Code Fellows, I: I love helping others take on challenges and discover their potential in business and classroom settings! I am a Lead Instructor at Code Fellows where I teach 101, 201, 301, and the 401 Full-Stack JavaScript courses.

    Students can talk to me about: how to use JavaScript to do all the things that other languages can, immersing yourself in VR, and why videogames are great tools for learning and empathy.

  • Amanda Iverson

    Amanda Iverson

    Lead Instructor

    At Code Fellows, I: instruct students at the 401 level in ASP.NET with an emphasis on the C# language.

    Students can talk to me about: learning more about the latest Microsoft stack and how to kick start a career in .NET web development!