Powered by Code Fellows

Powered by Code Fellows

Schools powered by Code Fellows are established accelerators, schools, professional networks and coworking spaces across the country that bring our proven curriculum to their community.

What Sets Our Curriculum Apart

Crafting a curriculum that successfully prepares your students for a career in tech isn’t a fast or easy process. We’ve done the hard part for you. Since 2013, we’ve been building, refining, and adapting our curriculum so that graduates are prepared for the rigorous demands and high expectations of the tech industry. With over 700 Code Fellows-trained software developers in the tech industry and over 65 advanced classes taught, we’ve been able to tailor our curriculum to fit learning styles and exceed employer expectations, industry standards, and our own high bar for excellence.

Developers who learn to code with the Code Fellows curriculum and training methods (like stacked learning) have the skills they need to be world-class developers who immediately contribute to their companies. They build portfolio-ready projects, understand the ins and outs of their craft, and have the aptitude necessary to nail any technical assessment or interview they will face in the job market.

What Companies Receive

Each Powered By partner gets access to all of our proven curriculum, designed to meet the demands of your market. On top of joining the network of Powered By schools, you instantly gain access to the knowledge and expertise of many experienced leaders, both at Code Fellows and within the network of schools that use our curriculum.

what schools receive what schools receive

Along with our curriculum and teaching material, we provide Powered By partners with marketing material, in-person training for instructors, guidance and support from our team on promoting, launching, and running the first series of courses, and more.

As the tech industry continues to grow and our curriculum adapts to market trends and changing landscapes, your company with constantly get the most up-to-date curriculum, along with support to train students in new and updated technologies.

We want to see more people discover their potential in software development and start high-paying careers in tech, and see communities add more diversity to the tech industry across the U.S. and beyond. We’ve witnessed the difference that fast-paced, job-focused training makes in Seattle, and want to help others bring the power of tech education to their communities.

Schools Powered by Code Fellows

Our partners are respected organizations in their industry who want to bring tech training to more people. If you’d like to join the list of incredible companies below, please get in touch.

Delta V

Delta V

Cedar Rapids, IA
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Code Fellows PDX

Code Fellows PDX

Portland, OR
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