The Scholarship Fund

The Goal

At Code Fellows, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to develop. In reality, many qualified candidates aren’t pursuing careers in a technology-related field because they are discouraged somewhere along the way. Some lose interest because they lack role models or encouragement, others avoid tech or STEM careers because they perceive workplaces to be unfriendly or outright hostile, still others simply don’t have the financial means to afford the kind of education necessary to secure a career in tech.

The tech industry needs you! It needs all of us: the second-lifer wanting to learn a new skill; the veteran looking for an opportunity to translate their military grit into a different career; the bright woman looking to shatter the paradigm and make the industry a better place; the wrong-turn taker looking for a second chance and a brighter future.

The tech industry is continually asking for more diversity and we want to do our part to ensure everyone has a “seat at the table”. Diversity in tech means an expanded talent pool, improved team culture, better products, as well as improved salaries and rewarding careers. We believe that through investing in individuals like you we can make a difference together.

For these reasons and more, we’ve created the Code Fellows Scholarship Fund.

The Program

As an accelerated learning program, Code Fellows offers fast-paced, life-changing training that taps into the potential of ambitious, talented people. In months, not years, we help students change their lives and employers meet their hiring needs.

To date, we've given away over $4 million dollars in scholarships to help over 700 students start careers in the tech industry.

Whether you are a Black American, Native American, Hispanic American, career changer, recent college graduate, woman, code school student looking to join a better program, military veteran, or are unemployed or underemployed, we want to help you find a rewarding new career in tech.

We are committed to breaking down systemic barriers and ensuring all people are treated with respect and dignity. We are united with our staff, students, alumni, and partners in the fight against systemic racism and injustice.


We offer the following scholarships which are contingent on funds available, and are awarded based on financial need.

Black American Full-Ride

We offer (1) full-ride scholarship to a Black American in every cohort.

Career Changer

Individuals looking to change their career and join the tech industry.

COVID-19 Scholarship

Individuals that have lost their job as a result of COVID-19.

Diversity Scholarship

For individuals that come from underserved backgrounds that are not well represented in the tech industry

In-person Full-Ride

Awarded on a limited basis to individuals having a strong interest in a tech career and the grit and availability to attend full time, in-person at our Seattle Campus.

Pay it Forward

Individuals who can show how they are already making a difference in their community, whether through serving or investing to bring about positive change.

Recent Graduate

College graduates who have graduated within the prior 24 months and want to find a more rewarding career path.

Transfer Student

Individuals looking to transfer from a university, college, Bootcamp, or other educational institution.


For individuals who are underemployed and making less than $35k a year.

How to Apply

If you'd like to apply for a scholarship, please ask your Admissions Advisor during your initial phone interview to send you a link to the scholarship application. Scholarships are awarded based on financial need. All 200, 300, and 400 level courses are eligible for scholarships. To find out more schedule a call with one of our Admissions Advisors!

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