Beyond The Code: Career Development At Code Fellows

Career Development at Code Fellows

Picture this nightmare-ish scenario: you’re at an interview for your dream job at your target company and the interviewer asks you, on the spot, to explain which tree you most resemble and why. Say what?!*

Granted, this is not a mandatory interview question, however, whether it’s this or some other aspect of the job search, we can all agree that looking for a new job is difficult, stressful, and somewhat random. And while it’s impossible to anticipate every bump in the road there are ways to prepare for the big themes that make up every job search.

Career Development at Code Fellows

One of the things that sets Code Fellows apart from other bootcamps is our focus on career development. But what does “career development” mean for us?

We believe that a great job is one that not only challenges you mentally but also offers opportunities for personal and professional advancement. Through our classroom instruction and peer-to-peer learning we provide a solid foundation upon which you can continue to build new skills and experiences. And through our emphasis on mentorship we provide the opportunity for our students to learn the skills required to thrive as leaders, creative thinkers, and high contributing team members.

Development is a Conversation, Not a Data Point

The truth is, getting a job is only half the battle. Once you’re settled in at your new company that’s when the real work starts.

The opportunity to ask questions, receive feedback, explore opportunities - even make mistakes - from a professional working at the company or in the position you’re shooting for is hugely valuable. This kind of career development is tailored to you and your long-term goals. It is personal, valuable, and can evolve alongside your interests and goals.

Our career development focus centers on the technology trends, companies, and skills that will best serve our students once they are active professional coders. From our institutional knowledge to the insight our mentors share, Code Fellows students are able to anticipate real-world questions and problems so that they have ready answers to any interview or on-the-job problem they encounter.

*Actual question I was once asked in an interview.

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