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Meet Rae: Yogi Turned Software Developer

By Sarah June Fischer on July 21, 2017

Rae Helsel is a yoga instructor who decided to make a career switch to mobile development. She shares how her background made her the perfect fit for a New York startup, what she loved most about her learning experience, and her advice for anyone considering a similar transition.


Meet Eve: Social Worker Turned Software Developer

By Sarah June Fischer on June 21, 2017

Eve’s unique background in art and social work may seem unrelated to a software development career, but those skills are exactly why she had an offer in hand before she’d even graduated.


How to Choose a Stack, Part 3: iOS

By Sarah June Fischer on December 2, 2016

If you’re exploring a career as a coder, your first question is probably “Which language is best?” followed by, “How do I learn it well enough for someone to hire me?”


Meet Branton: Microsoft Veteran Turned iOS Developer

By Dave Parker on August 18, 2016

After more than 12 years at Microsoft, Branton Boehm was ready to take on a new challenge.


Meet Alexandra: Experienced Software Developer and Code Fellows Graduate

By Sarah June Fischer on May 20, 2016

Alexandra Norcross had 15 years of software development experience behind her when she opted for a change. After hearing about Code Fellows from a recent graduate, she decided to switch from developing for desktop and the web to programming iOS apps. She shares her experience during her course and what surprised her most about the program.


JavaScript and iOS Students Team Up to Create 9 Apps in 1 Week

By Sarah June Fischer on December 6, 2014

One week is not a lot of time for a handful of developers to brainstorm, build, test, debug, and present a brand new app, but that’s exactly what we ask our Development Accelerator students to do. Twice.


Writing completion blocks with closures in Swift

By Brad Johnson on June 23, 2014

I never fully understood blocks until I learned how to write a method that took a block in as a parameter.