Front-End Development Grads Show Off Final Projects

After seven weeks in class, our Front-End Development Accelerator students were ready to spend their last week working on their final projects. They teamed up with the JavaScript students—who were halfway through their eight-week course—and put their skills to work. See what they created.


Bibliopile Bibliopile is a dream come true for your “To Read” list. Want to read The Martian before it hits the big screen? Check the app to see if someone will let you borrow it. Willing to lend out your favorite copy of To Kill A Mockingbird? Simply upload the ISBN and the Google API will include all the info about the book, open for others to borrow. See the app »

Brandon LaFave | Front-End Developer
Philip Hirt | Front-End Developer
Colin Coltrera | Full-Stack JavaScript Developer
David Schneider | Full-Stack JavaScript Developer


Indulge What’s happening in your neighborhood? Check Indulge to find out! From the best new sandwich place to a heads up about bad traffic, you’ll be able to see what people are saying in your area. Indulge pulls a map of newly-posted tweets and Instagram photos around you. See the app »

Luke Gabrieli | Front-End Developer
Erik Sjaastad | Full-Stack JavaScript Developer
Justin DeLuna | Full-Stack JavaScript Developer

Surplus Connection

Surplus Connection Surplus Connection connects nonprofits with donors of surplus goods and shipping space, making it easier for corporate donors, international shippers, and non-profit organizations to work together to benefit those in need. Users can to post donations, shipping services, or wish list items for their organization. The app connects users with opportunities to make a difference. See the app »

Sarah Paetsch | Front-End Developer
Matt Nickel | Front-End Developer
Shawn Fiske | Full-Stack JavaScript Developer
Goutham Reddy | Full-Stack JavaScript Developer


Listage Listage is the go-to app for music buffs who want to find out what’s happening in their neighborhood. Venues can add their upcoming events for free, and users can check out new artists playing at their favorite spots. See the app »

Ryan Flaherty | Front-End Developer
Hana Fallisgaard | Full-Stack JavaScript Developer
Dylan Moberg | Full-Stack JavaScript Developer

Looking For Game

Listage It’s a is a single page mobile first responsive web app, designed to put tabletop gamers in touch with one another with the quickness. See the app »

Kristopher Skelton | Front-End Developer
Jason Studstill | Full-Stack JavaScript Developer
Nick Kuhn | Full-Stack JavaScript Developer

Want to learn more about what’s taught in these classes? View the curriculum for the Front-End or Full-Stack JavaScript Development Accelerators. Need devs for your team? Get in touch.

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