Making Meaningful Contributions Towards Increasing Diversity In Tech

Over half a million people live in the greater Seattle area—with over two million in all of King County—from all walks of life and employment backgrounds: accountants, baristas, bartenders, electricians, and software developers. Not everyone is so fortunate.

Code Fellows is aware of and sympathetic to the plight of over ten thousand homeless in King County, and to the unfortunate side effects of gentrification caused by factors in addition to than the tech boom.

Regardless, Code Fellows is proud to help people who are pursuing a new career in tech. We are proud of the progress we’ve made over the past four years, building our reputation, making solid contributions to the local community, and offering high-quality technical training.

Alongside our generous hiring partners, Code Fellows funded most of the $727K in scholarships awarded in 2016 to 142 women and people from underrepresented groups who were in financial need. This year, we’ve already exceeded $440K in scholarships awarded, directly impacting our June and July 2017 cohorts comprising 41% women and 27% non-white students. We hope that through ongoing focus and support, we will see these numbers continue to grow.

The majority of these graduates will start new careers in tech, earning salaries that will allow them to live in and around Seattle while increasing diversity in our tech community. Helping them is our small but meaningful contribution toward more diversity, driven by a strong belief that increased diversity benefits us all.

We applaud any similar organization that strives toward the same goals with high integrity—local code schools or otherwise. It takes hard work to succeed in this market.

We’re not perfect, nor are our courses suited for everyone. But we’re always improving; proud of our students and what together we’ve contributed to Seattle; and looking forward to seeing graduates continue to prosper for many years to come.

Thank you for the opportunity and cheers to prosperity, Seattle—we love you.

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