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At Code Fellows, we prioritize community and individual growth, which fuels our students to outperform in the industry.


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Placement Rate

95% of our grads are hired within 180 days of graduation. Most land jobs in-field, while others opt to start their own companies, take part-time positions, or pursue careers outside of tech. Code Fellows Placement Rate

Hiring Companies

Code Fellows graduates have been hired by over 400 companies in the greater Seattle area and beyond. Below are a handful of the amazing companies where our grads are applying their skills.

Hiring Companies

"We were looking to hire our first employee at our startup. I was a bit nervous to be honest—you hear horror stories. I put some feelers out on Linkedin but only received the typical spammy messages (recruiters and overseas dev-shops). Then a teacher at Code Fellows hit me up. They openly helped me, no strings attached. The teaching staff at Code Fellows sent me a list of new grads looking for work, and the rest is history. We only had to interview two people, and then we found Allen, who came equipped with the knowledge and skills to jump in and make an immediate impact. We will definitely be using Code Fellows again to hire our next developer. It's been a huge time and money saver."

Kori Handy

Founder & CEO,

Grads in the Industry

Code Fellows grads are passionate coders who build and grow great companies to create thriving communities that meet the needs of industry. They contribute to organizations from day one and outperform their peers, placing high priority on both the quality of their code and the strength of their team.

Their job search spans 11.5 weeks on average, with the most frequent roles being Software Engineer, Back-End Developer, Web Producer, Full-Stack Developers, and Software Development Engineer.

Plus, all Code Fellows alumni receive 50% off any future Code 401 course, so they can continue their education at any point throughout their career.

Looking Ahead

We're excited to watch our grads join great companies and rise to become team leads, senior software developers, and CTOs. Are you ready?

This data is from our H1 2016 analysis. See the full report here.