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Student Success

657 Grads and Counting

Our program is a partnership. We bring advanced curriculum, well-trained instructors, and a high-quality learning environment, and our students bring passion, innovation, and a strong desire to succeed.

Whether students start in Code 101 or jump straight into Code 401, we work with them throughout their time on campus to make sure that they are on a clear path to achieve their goals. With the hundreds of students who have successfully completed our most advanced program, we've seen almost every background imaginable: education, fine arts, healthcare, IT, social sciences, physical sciences, and everything in between. The diverse backgrounds and successful placements of our students confirms what we've believed all along: with the right training, environment, drive, and hard work, anyone can learn to code.

We are committed to helping our students get the training and assistance they need during and after their time at Code Fellows.

Our Results

Every June and December, we'll update this page to reflect our industry stats, including how soon our graduates are hired after Code 401, average starting salaries, common job titles, and more. This information is based on our followup with graduates during and after their job search, and from periodic alumni surveys.

Initial Job Offers

The average starting salary of our grads is $71,787 per year. The highest reported offer was $160,000 per year for a full-time position and $100 per hour for a contract position.

Average Starting Salary: $71,787

The average length of time between graduation and job was 11.5 weeks, with a 95 percent overall placement rate.

Based on alumni feedback from a recent survey, 21 percent of our grads receive two or more offers during their job search. Students who were offered multiple jobs received significantly better rates with each offer they received. The average increase in pay from first to second offer was 13 percent for salaried positions and 28 percent for contract jobs.

Placement Rate: 95%

Benefits and Perks

Out of the full-time offers our alumni receive:

  • 88 percent include benefits of some kind
  • 42 percent include stock or equity
  • 8 percent include a signing bonus
  • 71 percent include health benefits
  • 16 percent included some other perk or benefit, such as fitness stipends, moving allowance, unlimited paid time off, or on-site perks.
  • 35 percent include two or more of the above perks.

Previous Experience

Before starting our program, 77 percent of our graduates had no professional coding experience; 16 percent had up to three years of experience; and only seven percent had four or more years of on-the-job experience in coding.

77% of grads have no previous coding experience.

While our students come from a wide range of backgrounds, the most common industries are Hospitality, Education, Finance, Retail, Engineering, Technology (including QA and IT), and Music.


Among our alumni who are currently working in the tech industry, 22 percent were recruited into their current position, while 78 percent conducted their own job search. According to recent survey data, graduates receive an average of 4.5 recruiting emails per week, and 20 percent of alumni have switched jobs since starting their first position after graduation. Overall, 93 percent of grads who are currently working in the tech industry reported being satisfied in their career.

Average Current Reported Salary: $80,266

The average current reported salary is $80,266. Grads reported making an average of $47,244 per year before they enrolled in our program, which means on average, alumni saw a $24,784 increase in salary after graduating, and then received another $8,479 average increase (either by a raise or job change) after gaining experience in their new career.

The most common job titles reported were:

  • Software Engineer/Developer
  • iOS Developer
  • Front-End Developer
  • Associate Software Engineer
  • Junior Developer
  • Senior Software Engineer

Grads have also become:

  • Senior Software Development Engineers
  • CTOs
  • COOs
  • Digital Analysts
  • Data Engineers
  • Interaction Designers
  • Product Support Engineers
  • Senior UX Architects
  • Software Design Engineers
  • Web Development Engineers
  • Senior Mobile Software Developers

The Job Search

Once students successfully complete their last whiteboard interview and submit their final projects, the job search begins! Some students attend industry events and build their network during their time in Code 401, while others choose to start networking and applying for jobs after they graduate.

Each graduate approaches their job search a little differently, and we're here to help them maximize their efforts. Our team works hard to help prepare our grads for technical and non-technical interviews, and every week, we hear stories of grads landing jobs that they love. Learn more about our career development curriculum »

The Future is Bright

We're excited to watch our grads join great companies and rise to become team leads, senior software developers, and CTOs. Are you ready to find out what a career in software development can offer you?