New Courses Announced! Short-Term Code 501 Offers Long-Term Results

Whether you’ve been a professional developer for a week or your entire career, you’re well aware that there will always be something new to learn—and that frameworks, languages, and tools don’t always come with the best documentation or resources.

The education industry today offers a lot of beginner-friendly resources (including our top-notch Code 201!), but if you’re an experienced dev needing to level up your skill set, it’s not as easy to find quality training or tutorials.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our new training series: Code 501. These one-week, intensive classes are designed for devs who need to learn a new technology quickly—whether for projects on the job or to round out their resume and stand up against the competition.

The first course in this series will focus on data analysis and visualization in Python, lead by data scientist and lead Code 401: Python instructor Nicholas Hunt-Walker. This course, running Nov. 28 to Dec. 2, will teach developers how to harness Python to access data, analyze the output, and then organize and display it in a way that anyone can understand (and wants to look at).

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For another upcoming Code 501 course, we’re partnering with Oracle to bring Java-centric training to our curriculum, lead by Code Fellows co-founder and industry veteran Ivan Storck. Dates and specific topics coming soon!

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We’re excited to bring this advanced, immersive curriculum to the tech industry and offer professional developers a community-focused, fast way to level up and learn new skills.

While Code 501 courses are open to enrollment and anyone is welcome to sign up, these courses will require an understanding of (and experience in) software development.

If you’d like to learn more about this series or work with us on a new Code 501 course, please get in touch!

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