Join Us for Seattle Startup Week 2016

What truly makes Seattle Startup Week great?

Seattle Startup Week is a fantastic phenomenon. It is a week-long celebration of “all things startup” put together by volunteers passionate about the Seattle startup ecosystem. And all events are free! These curated events focus on entrepreneur-centric issues. They help hedge against failure, offer the inside scoop on how to get funded, and show how diverse teams grow innovation and keep products viable in the marketplace, to name a few. But the most impressive part of Seattle Startup week is its volunteers.

The spirit of the week is alive and well because of the volunteers. They make it come alive by bringing their expertise, network, and excitement to the events. They develop the topics, they find the speakers, they find the venues, and they work for months to ensure everything is perfect for the attendees. This year there are more than 150 events around downtown Seattle the week of Nov. 14 - 18. On a typical day, these humans are doing amazing things and making an impact in their own vertical. However, they unselfishly volunteer to keep the Seattle startup scene healthy by bringing industry knowledge to the surface through these events.

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This is my second year to co-lead and produce Seattle Startup Week with Dave Parker (Dave’s third year). I had no idea what I was getting into when Dave initially asked me if I wanted to “help out.” But I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to see the beauty of how a collective effort can help sustain an ecosystem that brings cutting-edge technology to the market. Thank you, Dave Parker, TechStars, Chase and all of our local sponsors; and thank you, volunteers, for keeping us surrounded by amazing people.


Join and celebrate the Seattle startup scene with local entrepreneurs, presenters, and the organizers (the volunteers) of SSW at the Opening Party sponsored by Chase Ink. @SEAstartupweek #SSW2016 #ChaseBasecamp

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