See What Students Build in Code 401: Full-Stack JavaScript

You’ve seen what students can create after an intense 10 weeks in Code 401: Python—now check out what our JavaScript students are creating by the time they finish their advanced programming course.

At the end of every Code 401 course, everyone on campus gathers to see the apps, SDKs, AIs, and other projects our advanced programming students built the previous week. This is one of the final steps all students have to complete before receiving their Certificate of Completion.

The projects get better with every cohort, and our recent graduating class of JavaScript developers went above and beyond the high bar set for them by previous classes.

Here’s what they made in the five days of project week.


FirePolls is an easy-to-use, straightforward way to conduct polls with users, team members, and others. You can create as many “polling rooms” as you’d like, and get your results in real-time.


The Developers: Seth Donohue, Kerry Nordstrom, Anthony Robinson, Pedja Josifovic, and Robert Reed

The Technology: NodeJS, Express, Webpack, React, Redux, JSON, Sass, Socket.io, Mongoose, MongoDB, Babel, and Material UI

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intelliSound AI

intelliSound AI is a neural network that learns patterns from short audio files. After identifying the pattern used, it generates a new sound pattern, and returns that new sound in a wav file to the user.


The Developers: Andrew Bloom, David Lindahl, Jacob Evans, Nicholas Carignan, Shannon Dillon

The Technology: Synaptic.js, Bulma, Webpack, JavaScript, React, Redux, and NodeJS

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Grab a partner and try out GeoJumper, a multiplayer, multi-level game where users race to catch a star and cross the finish line before their opponent.


The Developers: Jeff Kusowski, Catherine Looper, Cameron Moorehead, Dalton Carr, Matt LeBlanc

The Technology: MongoDB, ExpressJS, NodeJS, Sass, and JavaScript

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