Value of Remote Working …. and Remote Learning

Remote work is here to stay. “WFH” is the new normal for companies large and small. Job seekers and companies with positions to fill are slowly realizing how much this opens up opportunities for finding the right match. This is why it’s so important to learn the skills to be a productive, well-balanced professional who can work remotely.

There’s never been a better time to learn the skills that will prepare you for a career in a field that is supportive of working remotely. This goes beyond learning technical skills that allow you to become a software developer or cybersecurity expert. It means equipping yourself with the tools, systems, and experience to be a successful, well-rounded, professional and productive remote worker.

If you take the time to develop the proper skills, systems, boundaries, and schedules you can and will find remote work to be one of the most rewarding endeavors in your career.

6 Tips to Make the Most of Remote Work

  1. Invest in the right services, systems, and equipment. Doing this will ensure you can stay connected and build a sense of community while remote. Products like Slack, Zoom, and Google Suite are vital. Knowing the ins and outs of virtual spaces like Remo and Discord can keep you a few steps ahead. Also, designing a home office space with great ergonomics that allows for good posture, less strain, improved comfort which will lead to increased productivity. I believe in investing in the best equipment you can afford - it will pay off in the long run as you spend hours a day working from your remote office.
  2. Plan out your schedule but remain flexible. Planning out your schedule allows you the structure to be effective, with the freedom to make changes based on lifestyle, personal events, or urgent items that come your way. I love the flexibility of remote work and often change my working hours due to timezone changes, working around activities and hobbies, or simply just to find the best time for me to be productive. Regardless of where and when I work, I plan blocks of time on my calendar, ensuring I focus on priorities set in advance.
  3. Take breaks. Even if it’s 10-15 mins, scheduling and taking breaks allows for you to get renewed energy and a fresh perspective, as well as ensure you do not burn out, experience mental fatigue, or decrease in productivity. I have them regularly scheduled into my day, sometimes just to stretch and other times to get outside for fresh air.
  4. Exercise daily. Workouts are proven to increase productivity, improve your mental and physical health, increase your energy, reduce stress, and decrease pain. In a time where we spend most of our day in front of computers, exercise is key to staying not just fit and healthy, but alert and performing to our potential at work. You can take a brisk walk, throw on a YouTube dance workout video, go for a run, or head to your local gym, just be sure it fits your lifestyle and routines so that you will stick with it. I am a big believer in running because I love the rhythm of it and there is no equipment required.
  5. Do your most important, complex, strategic work first. Whether you are an early riser, or a late-night owl, focusing on doing your most important work first will ensure you are successful. Making progress on the highest priorities, rather than spending your day responding to emails and checking social media, checking off critical “to-dos” allows you to gain renewed energy and increased productivity. I tend to do most of my writing and thinking first thing in the morning, working on strategy, content and goals.
  6. Build-in time for regular social connections. Host or attend weekly social engagements, either in-person—when there is no pandemic—or virtually while there is, just be sure to make a habit of it. I love to host a weekly “Cocktails and Conversations” with a small group of folks to stay regularly in touch, have stimulating conversations, and connect.

The Value of Remote Work

Most studies, such as this one done by Stanford, show that remote workers are far more productive than office workers. This increase in productivity can largely be attributed to healthier lifestyle, such as increased exercise, more intentional breaks, less time in stressful commutes, and (despite most assumptions) far fewer distractions.

Working remotely allows you to be better prepared for bad weather, sickness, disasters, pandemics, etc. Coming down with a minor cold can still result in productive days, without infecting or annoying coworkers. More importantly, when you have the proper systems and skills in place, you can optimize your day around personal appointments, breaks, travel, etc., without having to forfeit the entire day of work.

Finally, job satisfaction is one of the major reasons to gain the skills to be a great remote worker. Given current technology and infrastructures, we can virtually work from almost anywhere in the world. In fact, I do often. Travel is something I highly value and enjoy, so as I have the time, I make a point of going to new destinations whether that be the Cascade Mountain Range, Cayman Islands, or a remote town in France with my family. Having the ability to work and live where you want, not only gives you autonomy, energy, happiness, and fulfillment, it also ensures your work and your life aren’t in conflict. Rather the two work together to provide you the life you want.

Code Fellows Remote Learning Experience

Here at Code Fellows, we believe remote-live instruction is at the forefront of new educational models. It is now at the very center of our mission to incorporate remote skills into our mission to empower individuals from all backgrounds to transform their lives through a world-class career-focused curriculum and training.

Above all things, Code Fellows has a strong commitment to quality. From your first interaction until your last, you will feel the support, love, and passion of our team to ensure your success. It is because of this commitment that we painstakingly work to provide an online learning experience that is unlike any other.

Whether from the comfort of your home, office, cabin in the woods, chair on the beach, boat on the water, if you have an internet connection you can learn the skills needed to find a rewarding career.

All of our courses are offered through our live-remote online platform where individuals can learn from anywhere alongside other dedicated career-changers.

Each course is taught live by full-time, professional instructors with industry experience, and a team of caring teaching assistants to ensure every student has the support they need to succeed.

In addition, each of our courses have product owners who work with experts in the industry from companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and other well-known industry leaders to ensure we are hitting the demands of the ever-changing tech market, including learning to be a skilled remote worker. No other school or curriculum provider has as much rigor, dedication, or investment in curriculum, which means you can know your education with Code Fellows will be the best there is.

Our online learning environment not only trains individuals in the skills needed to be a great software developer and cybersecurity engineer, it provides skills in how to work remotely with the following features:

  • Attend class from anywhere
  • Whiteboarding with interactive co-annotation
  • Learn from full-time expert Instructors over an interactive real-time video feed (No pre-recorded videos or boring PowerPoint slide reading!)
  • Receive real-time feedback on projects and assignments
  • Daily check-ins and feedback on assignments for the same accountability of in-person classes
  • Collaborate and interact with fellow students in virtual breakout groups
  • Interactive lab time hosted by instructional staff in small group settings
  • Virtual campus space to meetup with collaborators and hear talks from industry representatives.
  • Develop a truly global network of like-minded individuals

There’s never been a better time to learn new skills that will translate directly into a new career, in a field that is supportive of working remotely!

Now is the time to begin your journey.

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