Code 501: Land a Tech Job - Career Transition Coaching


Things have rapidly changed for the global workforce and they will never be the same again. For the first time we are offering our tried and true Career Coaching Curriculum, in a stand-alone, online format. We have been successfully training our graduates to find work in the tech industry since 2013 and are excited to share our curriculum with a broader online audience. The job market is still bright for software developers and tech workers. We are here to help with your transition into this industry.

The course will run for 15 hours of instruction with assignments for you to work on between class sessions. You will discover how to build your personal brand, how to actually network, and what interpersonal skills really matter. This training will help you build an effective strategy for the job hunt, become a strong team member in the companies you will join, and set you up to become a strong leader in the tech industry. Our curriculum has seven pillars with assignments ranging from perfecting your personal pitch, to mastering the interview with mock interviews, to create a compelling resume.

Seven Pillars of a successful job search:

  • Professional etiquette
  • Professional pitch
  • Creating a network
  • Job search readiness
  • Targeted job search
  • Professional materials
  • Creating a network
  • Behavioral interview questions


At the end of this course students will:

  • Understand expected attitudes and behaviors in a professional setting
  • Craft a practiced personal pitch and understand how, when and why to use one to maximize opportunities
  • Understand how to grow a strong professional network and the value of maintaining it. Become part of the robust Code Fellows network.
  • Develop necessary materials for a successful job search such as a polished resume, LinkedIn, GitHub & professional online presence
  • Learn how to target a job search and focus efforts for effective results
  • Understand the difference between behavioral interview questions and tech interview questions. Have well-polished answers to behavioral interview questions
  • Develop your personal brand and be able to eloquently present your value to the tech industry with a brief presentation
  • Develop public (online) speaking
  • Learn how to learn, collaborate and work online using the latest teleworking technology


Students enrolling in this coures should:

  • Desire to work in the tech industry
  • Willingness to receive and offer feedback with cohort


Class 1: Resume Workshop & Personal Brand

  • Craft a resume that unlocks the biggest obstacle many applicants face
  • Learn the best practices for the tech industry
  • Work on refining your resume and have YOUR questions answered
  • Learn how to communicate your value to the tech industry and develop your personal brand

Class 2: Professional Pitch

  • Learn how valuable a well-crafted pitch can be
  • Understand why and when to use a personal pitch. Know how to adapt it
  • Practice personal pitches and receive peer and instructor feedback

Class 3: Behavioral Interview Prep

  • Learn best practice for behavioral interviews in the tech industry and the value of emotional intelligence
  • Document your answers to the most common behavioral interview questions with a proven framework
  • Pair up for live practice with mock interviews

Class 4: High-volume vs targeted job search, networking, and negotiations

  • Learn how to find a job by searching wide, and seeking deep
  • Overcome your fear of networking
  • Pick up the key negotiation strategies that unlock thousands of dollars
  • Instruction on how to create a personal presentation
  • Pitch and evaluate portfolio project ideas

Class 5: Personal Brand Presentations

  • Learn how to give professional feedback
  • Bring together all you’ve learned and present like a professional
  • Leverage LinkedIn to connect with classmates, and build endorsements and recommendations

Learn with Stacked Modules

Concepts in each of our courses are taught using stacked modules, where a new concept is introduced in each class session, building upon what came before it. This is a challenging style that requires persistence, practice, and collaboration, but allows more concepts to be introduced over the length of the course. This method helps students learn and retain more in a short period of time. Learn more about stacked modules »

Computer Requirements

Students are required to bring their own laptops (recent model) with plenty of free space on the hard drive. By the first day of class, students will need:

  • Laptop updated to the latest version of the OS
  • Laptop virus-free, and ready for getting work done
  • The latest version of Google Chrome
  • A GitHub account