Ops 101: Explore Cybersecurity

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Interested in a new career in cybersecurity? Start here! In this one-day workshop, you’ll get to experience the process of evaluating personal cybersecurity levels and making changes to proactively defend against cyber-attack.

Ops 101 is about learning what cybersecurity is all about, through a day-long immersive course for beginners that focuses on protecting yourself using tools like a password management system. The only technical skill required to take the course is basic computer use familiarity.

Get a taste of the all-new Code Fellows cyber ops program, learn how systems are evaluated for security risks, and implement your own defensive processes.


At the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Get the latest personal cybersecurity best practices
  • Discover how much of your data the cybercriminals can see
  • Use web resources to check for personal data exposure
  • Distinguish good from bad passwords, and learn what’s even better than passwords
  • Protect your online accounts with a secure, cloud-based password manager
  • Assess and improve your own personal cybersecurity postures
  • Research and create a report on a critical area of digital hygiene for your friends and family


  • General familiarity with using a computer
  • Comfort with web applications like Facebook, Google Docs, or Outlook
  • Recommended typing speed of 30 words per minute


Why is cybersecurity important?

  • The art of technology risk management
  • Case studies in modern cybersecurity

What does a career in cybersecurity look like?

  • Career paths
  • Certifications
  • Continuous education

What is personal cybersecurity?

  • How cybersecurity affects you
  • How to protect yourself and your data

Material Requirements

You are required to attend with your own laptop with the Chrome web browser installed, or a Chromebook. Your computer should allow you to participate in the Zoom call, while simultaneously using Chrome for accessing resources online. Also, bring along all your personal mobile devices including phones and tablets for device security lab exercises.


Punctuality, participation in discussions, completion of assignments, and demonstration of professional courtesy to others are required, in accordance with our Code of Conduct. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of the workshop. Passing requires attendance to the full workshop.

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