People, Partners, Products: Seattle Orgs Win Big with Our Expanded Employer Services

We hear it all too often: competition is tight for tech talent.

It’s time to get creative.

If you are a tech leader trying to figure out how to maintain your business’s competitive edge, you need the best team members to build the best products. You have to worry about attracting the right talent and retaining that talent.

With the launch of our menu of Employer Services, we are on a mission to alleviate some of the pain points that the industry faces around these topics.

We’re already seeing the success of this program. Some of the companies who have benefitted from our employer services:

  • are experiencing rapid growth and need to build their company brand
  • need feedback on a new product before launch
  • want continuing education opportunities for their current employees
  • want to effectively equip their hiring panels in interviewing and creating a positive candidate experience

If these sound like areas where your company could use some support, we’ve got you covered.

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Companies are already reaping the rewards of these benefits. Here’s how three companies are using these services to grow their team and build better products.

Concur & Mock Interviews

Howard Dierking, Director of Software Development at Concur, invited Code Fellows graduates to participate in Concur’s existing interview loop to give their hiring panel more experience vetting talent and give our grads practice interviewing with tech companies.

As a result of these interview loops, which started in September 2017 and now run every two months, Concur has standardized the interview process for both interviewers and candidates. Their team has also been able to align their evaluation criteria with best practices for inclusive hiring.

In his recent article, Howard wrote, “Mock interviews gave our developers an opportunity to develop interviewing skills in a safe environment." The process had a positive impact on his team, and helps new developers practice the interview process in a more constructive setting.

Zillow & Employee Re-Training

Want to strengthen retention within your organization and cut the expensive recruiting process? Consider investing in the people who already know your product inside and out!

Earlier this year, Zillow piloted a program to support existing team members who wanted to transition to front-end development roles within the company.

Josh West, who was in sales at Zillow, is one of three Zillow employees already benefiting from this opportunity. He studied in Code 201 and Code 301 before returning to Zillow as a Software Development Engineering Intern.

“Being able to go from sales to software development while at the same company was a great experience—the onboarding into my new role was so easy because I already knew the product and the company culture,” Josh shared.“I’m excited to continue to grow my skills with Zillow’s dev team.”

Rebekah Bastian, VP of Community & Culture, shared why Zillow prioritizes investing in current employees to train up the dev talent they need. “At Zillow Group, we want to create opportunities for employees to grow in their careers,” she said. “Being able to combine Josh’s knowledge of our culture and products with Code Fellows’ training program was a great way to move him into a software development role.”

Avalara & Software Testing Services

When Avalara needed meaningful feedback on a product they were preparing to launch to their customers, they leveraged the knowledge of Code Fellows students and alumni. For three hours, a group of 20 trained developers tested their software for issues.

Fifty-one bugs later, Avalara realized the value of leveraging this group of talented individuals to enhance key aspects of their software. They have already run their second “Bug Bash” workshop, and plan to make it a quarterly event.

These services and the many others offer customizable solutions to the challenges your business faces.

We’re here to help you stay on top of your business objectives and stay ahead of the competition! Get in touch to learn more »

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