Employer Partnerships

Employer Partnerships

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At Code Fellows, we are committed to training software developers who can bring diverse perspectives to the teams and organizations they join.

One of the barriers facing those who are underrepresented in tech is the cost of training, which is why we invite employers who join us in providing scholarships and employment opportunities to women, minorities, and veterans.

In 2016, we granted over $700,000 in scholarships to 130 students and have committed to give $5M in scholarships to students over the next five years, to continue training the diverse talent the industry seeks.

Selena Flannery

"A big thanks to Code Fellows and the support of the Diversity Scholarship Fund. I gained the training I needed to land my first opportunity at OfferUp as a backend software developer. I am incredibly excited for this big next step where I'll be able to use my Python skills to solve interesting problems and develop useful and usable applications."

Selena Flannery

Software Development Engineer, OfferUp

Employer partnerships allow companies to be part of the solution. By contributing to our Diversity Scholarship Fund, companies not only help change lives, they also receive the benefits of early access to software developers, specialized recruiting events, employer branding, discounted classes for employees, and more.

Premier Partnerships - $75,000

"We began partnering with Code Fellows just after their Seattle launch in 2013. Over the first year, we built a great partnership with them and were impressed by the talent coming out of their programs. The decision to fund diversity scholarships was an easy one. Contributing to the scholarship fund directly impacts narrowing the opportunity gap and increasing the number of underrepresented minorities in both the Seattle tech market and at Expedia."

Kristen Weber

Principal Program Developer for Strategic Programs & Inclusion


Preferred Partnerships - $25,000

"We get the best ideas when we have a diverse group of employees solving a problem. We have some great developers who have come from Code Fellows, so we’re excited about the opportunity to fund diversity scholarships through Code Fellows as a means to getting highly qualified developers that come from more diverse and underrepresented backgrounds."

The Team at Zillow


Primary Partnerships - $15,000

"We have had great experiences with the Code Fellows graduates who have joined our team. Additionally, we appreciate the broad definition Code Fellows uses for its diversity scholarships. We are really excited about continuing to support diversity in our community and in our industry. We agree with Code Fellows that tech education can change lives and we fully support them in that mission because we know that Code Fellows truly believes in it."

Adam Pearson



If your company is unable to participate as a sponsor but would still like to make a contribution to our Diversity Scholarship Fund, learn more here.

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