Employer Services

With the demand for software developers so high, the hiring process can drain a lot of company time and resources. It’s our goal to help employers in the industry grow their brand, create smooth hiring processes, and find and retain the best talent.


Spread the word about your company! Here’s how to get connected with the most qualified candidates from our program, grow your brand recognition, and meet developers who are ready for their next opportunity.

Partner Power Hour

Offer your expertise and grow your brand by speaking at a weekly Partner Power Hour.

Talent Portal

Check out recent graduates and alumni who are looking for their next opportunity.

Networking & Recruiting Events

Build your brand and meet prospective new hires by attending or hosting events with our network of 1000+ alumni.

Internship Program

Put our graduates to the test! Hire developers at a fixed hourly rate for three-month internships.

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We’re committed to helping our partners stay competitive and relevant in the industry. Here are a few ways your employees can keep their skills up to date.

Interviewer Practice

Help your hiring panel build their confidence, get better at assessing candidates, and support new developers through mock interviews with our graduates.

Employee Retraining

Strengthen retention within your organization and cut the expensive recruiting process by investing in the people who already know your product inside and out—your current employees.

Corporate Training

Use our cost-effective Code 501 courses to level up your development team, maximize productivity, and accelerate learning in core technologies.

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Business Services

Launch new projects or update existing systems more efficiently and effectively with support from our recent grads.

Software Testing

Get a second (and third and fourth and twelfth) set of eyes on your product before launch with our no-cost usability testing.

Product Prototyping & Code Maintenance

Collaborate with our graduates during project week or Community Hack Nights. Give them a problem you’re trying to solve and they’ll get to work.

Strike Project Team

If you have a dev project with no dev time to devote to it, bring in a team of Code Fellows graduates led by senior engineers at Sirrus7 to work on it.

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Why Companies Hire Our Grads

"OfferUp has a diverse engineering team including Code Fellows graduates working alongside alumni from elite universities and name-brand technology companies. The Code Fellows graduates are among our best engineers. They quickly ramped up, demonstrating great technical skills, work ethic, and a focus on getting things done."

Peter Wilson

VP of Engineering


Who Do We Train?

Lee Broxson

"The interviewer was telling me that they were eager to hire me, and that he was now trying to sell me on the company. An offer was made before I left that day."

Lee Broxson

UX Engineer, Avalara

"Code Fellows enables you to challenge your learning every day, and motivates you to be an impactful individual and a strong team player."

Kaylyn Yuh

Software Engineer, CBRE

"Being a veteran gave me the confidence to know this goal was achievable with determination and hard work."

David Fazio

Technical Project Manager, Eventcore

Join Expedia, OfferUp, Nordstrom, Nike, and over 400 other companies who have hired our grads.

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"CBRE is consistently impressed not only by Code Fellows graduates' technical skills but also by the contributions they make to our team and culture based on their varied backgrounds. Tapping into this rich talent pool has certainly paid off for our company and we look forward to working with many Code Fellows graduates in the future."

Britt Johnson

Developer Relations / Software Engineer