Ops 102: Intro to Computer Operations



Ready to hack what’s inside the box? Curious about how computers really work? Ever wonder how technology professionals build physical computers, upgrade components, configure virtual machines? Join us for Ops 102! You’ll blast through preparations for Ops 201, deploying and configuring your very own home virtualization lab, which will serve as a platform for skill development as you move through the Ops program and beyond.


By the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Know how to leverage AI tools to get the job done safely and efficiently
  • Understand the core building blocks of computing
  • Have your own home lab capable of virtualization
  • Develop proficiency in installing software in Linux
  • Gain valuable hands-on experience with computer hardware internals and peripherals
  • Be fully prepared for the challenges ahead in Ops 201
  • Be a part of a learning community, and begin to prepare your resume and professional skills for an in-demand technical career


  • Required: Computer updated with the latest version of OS, all security patches installed. See “Material Requirements” below.
  • Required: Basic home internet usage and computer skills.
  • Required: Pass the 102 entrance exam. This includes a typing test, and requires you to type at least 30 words per minute with 90% accuracy.


  • Once you are accepted into the course, please complete the Ops 102 Prework.


  • How to leverage AI tools
  • Computer hardware components and interaction
  • Computer hardware interfaces
  • Operating systems fundamentals
  • Software application installation
  • Virtual machine operations

Material Requirements

Computer Requirements

In addition to the computer specifications detailed in our FAQ, this course requires the use of an Ops Lab Kit.

Ops Lab Kit Requirements

Your lab environment is a dedicated PC (isolated from personal data that might be on your home computer), that you can build up, tear down, and reset as needed.

To ensure consistency, you'll need to purchase your Ops Lab Kit from Code Fellows. You will be invoiced for the cost separately from your tuition.

It is your responsibility to request the purchase and tell your Admissions Advisor your best delivery address in a timely manner, to ensure the Ops Lab Kit will be delivered to you before class starts.

If your funding source provides required materials, talk to your Admissions Advisor about ensuring a timely delivery.

Your Ops Lab Kit contains primarily:

  • A desktop tower PC computer intended for lab and data overwrite
  • Compatible peripherals
  • Two USB flash drives
  • Sysadmin toolkits
  • Networking supplies
  • A wireless router for home network isolation

Your Ops Lab Kit will be reused in every Ops course (you don't need to buy more hardware for later courses), in your job search, and beyond.


Punctuality, participation in discussions, completion of assignments, and demonstration of professional courtesy to others are required, in accordance with our Code of Conduct. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of every class. Students should always contact the instructors ahead of time if they are unable to attend all or part of the published class/lab hours.

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