Code 500: Continuing Education

Bring New Skills to Your Workplace

Our continuing education classes help professional developers master new skills, whether you need to update your skills to find your next career, level up your skills in your current job, or train an entire team in a new technology.

For Companies

If your company is switching to an entirely new language; needs developers to be experts in a specific technology; or wants to leverage a brand new framework, Code 501 is the most efficient, cost-effective way to get your team ready to hit the ground running on a new project. No time is wasted on rabbit trails or trial-and-error and your team can get back to doing what they do best: building quality products for your users.

Level 1

Send your developer our way for in-person training so they can apply updated skills to your product.

Level 2

Fill an entire class with your devs so they can hit the ground running on a new project.

Level 3

Bring our curriculum in-house so your entire product team can learn new technology and immediately apply it to your business.

For Individuals

The classes in our continuing education series—dubbed ‘Code 501’—aren’t just for companies. If you’re considering a career shift or need to expand your current skills that outpace the job hunt competition, these courses offer a fast way to make it happen.

Code 501 classes equip professional developers with new skills in a short amount of time. Each class focuses on short-term, advanced-level training in a specific programming topic.

What to Expect

You will work with an instructor who is a subject matter expert and leader in their field, with a passion for educating teams. During the course, you will collaborate in teams, where you will learn through interactive lectures, in-class projects, and live coding sessions. By the end of the course, you will have new skills that you can leverage to drive your career into the future, as well as a great new project that you can add to your portfolio.

While Code 501 courses are open to anyone interested in advancing their skills, these courses do require experience in software development.

Code 501

Career Services

Code 501: Land a Tech Job - Career Transition Coaching

Discover how to build your personal brand, how to actually network, and what interpersonal skills really matter. This training will help you build an effective strategy for the job hunt, become a strong team member in the companies you will join, and set you up to become a strong leader in the tech industry. Our curriculum has seven pillars with assignments ranging from perfecting your personal pitch, to mastering the interview with mock interviews, to create a compelling resume.

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Swift Logo

Code 501: iOS App Development with Swift

Ready to step into the world of iOS development? Learn Swift, Xcode, Apple's app development best practices, and mobile development industry standards. Throughout this intensive course, you will learn professional techniques and practices as you study iOS development.

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Android Logo

Code 501: Android Application Development

Become a mobile developer and learn how to build apps for the Android operating system in this advanced-level course. You will learn the Android app development environment, the Java programming language, and industry best practices for mobile development.

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Code 501: Introduction to Data Analysis & Visualization with Python

Learn how to harness the power of Python to gain highly coveted skill in data analysis and visualization. We’ll cover how to use standard packages for the organization, analysis, and visualization of data, such as Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib, and Scikit-Learn. You’ll get to apply these skills on a daily basis and, at the end, produce a substantial project showcasing your new abilities as a data analyst.

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Code 501: Build Web Apps with React & Redux

React and Redux's popularity among JavaScript developers is quickly growing. Created by the minds at Facebook, React has earned the industry's respect and a positive reputation in an endless world of front-end frameworks. In this class, you will study the React framework, learning how to build a front-end project from scratch using React and Redux.

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Data structures & algorithms

Code 501: Intro to Data Structures & Algorithms

Preparing for whiteboarding interviews that test your ability to understand and apply data structures and algorithms to a specific problem set? Need a more in-depth study of these core computer science topics? If you're new to the world of algorithms or just need a refresher, this course will train you with the most widely used CS concepts.

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Master DSA

Code 502: Master Data Structures & Algorithms

If you already have basic familiarity with Data Structures and Algorithms and are looking for the next level, this course will train you with the advanced CS concepts found in senior-level software developer interviews and in coding-at-scale in larger tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

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Code 501: Programming with Java

You will learn and use the core language features and Application Programming Interfaces (API) to design object-oriented applications with Java Standard Edition 8 (Java SE 8) Platform. For years, Java has consistently maintained its place as the world's most popular language used today. As a "write one, run anywhere" language, Java is used on all kinds of devices, from mobile phones to submarines. We're partnering with Oracle to bring proven curriculum to our fast-paced class formula.

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Command line

Code 501: Master Essentials of the Bash Command Line

You will learn how to use the power of the command line for faster development and debugging. Knowledge of the command line separates novice developers from experts, saves countless development hours, and makes any programmer's job easier. In this class, you'll speed up your workflow and get a deeper understanding of everything the terminal can do.

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Code 501: Computational Thinking for Educators

Discover how to bring the powerful tools of Computational Thinking into any classroom. Work with cutting-edge AI tools to build lesson plans that bring advanced problem-solving skills to your students.

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