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Join the Community: 8 Websites Where You Should Make Your Presence Known

By Lauren Sauser on July 26, 2016

Being active in an online community is a productive way to build connections and diversify your understanding and experience with software. We recommend these eight networks to get you started.

Meet keri

Meet Keri: Marketer Turned Front-End Developer

By Sarah June Fischer on July 21, 2016

Keri Brady was pursuing a career in marketing when she realized she wanted to expand her technical skill set—and career potential—as she continued to work with fast-growing startups. She shares why she chose Code Fellows and what helped her be successful during and after the program.

Or equivalent experience

“Or Equivalent Experience”: Why You Don't Need a Four-Year Degree to Land a Coding Job

By Lauren Sauser on July 19, 2016

As total student loans in the US approach $1.5 trillion and the average university graduate braces for more than $35,000 in academic debt, more Americans are opting for less traditional—and faster—forms of education.

Kansas mount sunflower clouds above the farms

5 Technologies Changing the Agriculture Industry

By Lauren Sauser on July 7, 2016

The agriculture industry is tasked with feeding the inhabitants of planet earth, and considering that an estimated 795 million human beings go malnourished each day, the system has room for dramatic improvement.

Music meets code

Music Meets Code: How a Musician's Background Translates to a Career in Tech

By Lauren Sauser on July 5, 2016

For professionals and hobbyists alike, software has become a necessary component for the recording, mastering, and distribution of music. Code connects artists and audiences in ways unimaginable to the rock stars of yesteryear. The laptop—while lacking the stage presence of an electric guitar—has emerged as the hallmark tool for a new generation of music makers.

Meet chelsea

Meet Chelsea: From Data Entry to Full-Stack

By Sarah June Fischer on June 30, 2016

Chelsea Lura decided to level up in her career and become a Full-Stack JavaScript developer through Code Fellows. She shares what she's getting to do now and some advice for fellow students.


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